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Each quote will be determined by the following factors: 
01: The time involved creating the project.
02: The materials required and used during the production phase.
03: The complexity involved creating each project.

Additional factors such as travel, fuel, and accommodation fees may be included if necessary. However, all factors will be clearly outlined within your free quote. 

Our payment scheme is fractured into multiple stages to ensure each project is fulfilled to the highest quality while also offering you the ability to make suggestions during the process.
STAGE 01: A 20% non-refundable down payment will be required at the beginning of each project.
STAGE 02: This will be followed by an additional 30% payment midway through the production process.
STAGE 03: A final payment of the remaining costs will be required upon completion of each project.

You will be able to request changes and project modifications during stage 01 and stage 02 of the production. Later modifications after these stages will require an additional 20% of the total costs.

We strive to create unique and quality content that captures your original vision. To put it bluntly: f you're not satisfied with the end result then we're not satisfied with the end result either! With this in mind, we're happy to work with you to ensure the project is altered and updated to create the best possible outcome. However, if you are still totally unhappy with the altered project, we can offer a refund of up to 50% of the total costs.

Payment can be made through bank transfer, PayPal, Afterpay or cash if under $300